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Meet Zeblok

Established in 2019 at CEWIT incubator in Long Island, NY

Our Mission

Zeblok Computational's mission is to lower the cost per Ai inference insight, promote the Ai-API economy and enable cost effective scaling at the Edge.


Quality policy

Zeblok is committed to extend exemplary Product, Solutions and Services to our valued customers and continuously transform our internal process to adopt dynamic condition of the market to provide exceptional customer satisfaction.

Zeblok Values

Customer First, Integrity what we do, Excellence through quality process, Respect each other, Growth through change , Productive work environment and shareholders value.

Our Vision

Zeblok's Ai-MicroCloud® is the most straightforward way to efficiently pipeline data, including the critical data comprehension step, and then quickly & affordably to develop, train and deploy pragmatic AI into mission-critical enterprise business processes. Data scientists can start an AI/ML model in minutes, leverage open-source frameworks, along with a growing library of curated algorithms and accelerated data handling technology, scale seamlessly to high-performance computing (HPC) and deploy completed APIs in production.

Zeblok's Ai-MicroCloud® provides a uniquely comprehensive AI/ML development environment:

  • Portability
  • Instant Usability
  • Seamless Scalability
  • The Right Algorithms
Whether you are a startup, SMB or a larger enterprise, and working on big-data acceleration, machine learning, deep learning, quantum simulation, computational biology, business/marketing insights, protein simulation, smart city IoT, these are computationally heavy workloads. Zeblok's Ai-MicroCloud® provides a capital efficient AI development environment, testing environment and production environment - all on one platform. Zeblok deploys its turnkey, cloud native AI PaaS and AI SaaS to wherever enterprise data resides - data centers, public clouds and Edge locations. We have lowered the barrier to integration AI like no one else.

Company History

Our AI journey began with the 2016 launch of Zeblok Scientific, an IoT company that created a way to diagnose Parkinson's Disease by developing sensors in shoes to detect micro movements. In developing the AI app to connect the sensors to the analytics, we realized that there was no easy or cost-effective way to do so. This, combined with the realization that an AI Platform-as-a-Service is more scalable than a device company, and has greater market potential, led to the creation of Zeblok Computational. Incorporated in September 2019, Zeblok Computational Inc. is headquartered at the Long Island High Tech Incubator, New York Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology (CEWIT) at Stony Brook University, with a sales office in Short Hills, NJ.

Our Technology

Our proprietary orchestration layer software supports multi-cloud, multi-class scheduling, allowing the simple multi-user Ai-WorkStation to scale seamlessly to high-performance computing (HPC) workloads needed for substantial AI training. It permits on-demand usage of GPU capacities for AI algorithm development. It provides a rapid prototyping environment to promote AI models as APIs for rapid consumption into mission-critical enterprise processes. The highest quality security protocols ensure the integrity of data and of your intellectual property. Users have access to curated AI/ML algorithms through the Zeblok Intelligence Marketplace to build products that include an algorithm for an additional monthly fee, while securing the intellectual property of their end product.

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