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Bringing AI to the Serverless Edge with Ai-MicroCloud®️

EDJX & Zeblok Computational are partnering to enable rapid deployment of Ai-applications, Ai-Inference Engines, and Ai-Use Case Solutions to the next-gen global serverless edge with the Ai-MicroCloud®️ platform.

About EDJX

EDJX, Inc. 8610 Six Forks Road Suite 400 Raleigh, NC 27615

Serverless Edge Computing

Partner Overview :

  • EDJX provides a decentralized Operating System ( EdjOS or the EDJX Platform ) that makes it possible for developers to build IoT, AI, and M2M applications and have the requisite computations executed as close as possible to the sources of data.
  • EdjOS enables developers to write, test and deploy smarter applications, data pipelines, websites and IoT solutions on a secure, serverless, peer-to-peer network that spans the globe.
  • Utilizing the platform enables distributed compute resources to create a single fabric for the execution of IoT services, serverless functions, and related workloads.
  • Partnering with Zeblok expands EDJX market reach and distribution capabilities in the AI applications marketplace.

Partnership Takeaway :

  • The partnership will provide Zeblok customers access to the EDJX Platform capabilities utilizing EDJX mesh compute, storage and network
  • Zeblok's Ai-MicroCloud® solves the problem of scaling at the edge, making it easy to deploy AI inferences to edge locations.

Use Cases of EDJX & Ai-MicroCloud together :

Together the offering is a digital foundation for enterprises, Cloud Service Providers, Managed Service Providers, OEMs and ISVs to execute their AI strategies from Cloud-to-Edge for diverse use cases such as

Smart Retail

Industry 4.0

Smart Cities

Smart Transportation & Logistics

Founder's Vision :

EDJX's strategic alignment with Zeblok combines capabilities that bring to market unsurpassed competitive differentiation, scaling and value for both of our customers for delivering new edge and AI applications. The partnership is a breakthrough in offering new capabilities for next-gen application development

Benjamin Thomas


By 2035, there will be one trillion Edge devices, requiring many millions of Multi-Access Edge Computing data centers (MECs), with most data created and acted upon at MECs. Zeblok's Ai-MicroCloud® integration with the EDJX decentralized edge mesh will give Zeblok customers a global serverless edge pathway to scale next-gen AI applications

Mouli Narayanan

CEO, Zeblok Computational

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