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Powering Business Innovation

Ai-MicroCloud ® Benefits


  • AWS, Azure, GCP in under 15 min
  • On-premise in under 30 min
  • Multi-cloud
  • Cloud-2-edge
  • Build-once-run-ai-anywhere


  • Modelers launch workstation in seconds
  • Ops deploy services in minutes
  • Ops model serve vision, LLM, NLP, and other models in minutes
  • Support for heterogeneous chips


  • Plug n play third party tools in minutes
  • Plug n play for HPC and addon orchestration
  • Ready to consume foundational models


  • Uniquely combine ML Ops & Infra
  • Scale up for model fine-tuning
  • Scale up inference deployment from Cloud to thousands of Edge locations

Collaboration & Reuse

  • Product, Modeler, Ops roles
  • Aggregate Ai assets for reuse
  • Snap shot training environment
  • Automate deployment
  • Rapidly build and deploy GenAi, ML, and DL applications

Enterprise Integration

  • With enterprise ML Ops
  • With enterprise Dev Sec Ops
  • With developer tool chains
  • Python SDK for automation
  • CLI for model serving
Ai-Application Lifecycle Management Platform
Zeblok Ai-MicroCloud®
Next Gen Digital Foundation for AI
The Ai-MicroCloud® is a cloud native platform to scale and integrate AI/ML into mission-critical business processes via an open Cloud-to-Edge Ai-Ecosystem.
The scalable and extensible platform enables ISVs to productize their solutions, create new products, and streamline delivery via full Ai Application Lifecycle Management.
lifecycle management

Architecture Diagram

Composable Foundational Components

SaaS Components
Ai-WorkStation & Ai-HPC-WorkStation

A productive web-based developer environment for Ai model trainers with dynamically provisioned resources. Best way to rapidly create end-to-end Ai pipelines on heterogeneous chip architectures.

Data Science

A versatile web-based digital asset repository for ready-to-use Ai inference engines from various sources. Can launch pre-existing Ai-model training environments and inference engines.

Product Management

A scalable web-based ML Ops env. for packaging and publishing Ai inference engines as a secure network asset to Edge. Enabling deployment, providing a consistent publishing mechanism.

PaaS Components
Microservice Manager

Microservice Manager efficiently delivers Ai applications seamlessly across hybrid-cloud, multi-cloud environments, and Edge data centers in compliance with customer policies

Ai-WorkStation Manager

Ai-WorkStation Manager enables zero learning curve, open-source Ai frameworks, curated Ai applications, other end-to-end Ai pipelines as virtualized notebooks while increasing shareability

Ai-HPC Manager

Ai-HPC Manager seamlessly scales to high-performance computing (HPC), crossing physical server boundaries for Ai model training and optimization, using familiar and consistent user experience

Ai-Database Manager

Ai-Data Lake Manager improves productivity and data handling for model training and inference engine optimization, while accelerating data manipulation tasks when GPUs are available within the underlying Ai-MicroCloud® environment

IaaS Components
RBAC Manager

Role-based access control (RBAC) restricts network access based on a person's role within an organization and/or Ai project team. It enables advanced access control for all SaaS and PaaS application components within the platform

Security Manager

A comprehensive security capability maps users seamlessly and securely between web-domain and meta-scheduled infrastructure across hybrid-cloud environments. Integration with enterprise LDAP and/or Active Directory makes it easy to bring consistent user and group policies, including single sign-on and multi-factor authentication.

Multi-cloud Orchestration

A scalable web-based ML Ops env. for packaging and publishing Ai inference engines as a secure network asset to Edge. Enabling deployment, providing a consistent publishing mechanism.

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