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Ai-WorkSations &

Enabling Zero Learning Curve, Open-Source, Virtualized Notebooks,
Curated Algorithm Notebooks, Model Zoo Notebooks

Easy-to-use Interface

An intuitive and simple user interface enables you to access petaFLOPS of computing power

Jupyter's Power

Uses the Jupyter technology, integrating a powerful multi-class orchestration

Flexible for Workloads

Provides freedom to run enterprise workloads in data centers at optimal cost.

Work with a Team

makes it easy for developers to build and share new containers with fellow team members.

Data Science Frameworks

Ai-MicroCloud® places all familiar open-source data science frameworks at your fingertips, e.g. Jupyter Notebook, R Notebook, PySpark Notebook, Nvidia RAPIDS Notebook, TensorFlow Notebook, C++ Notebook etc.


Our Ai-AppStore Marketplace provides easy access to a growing library of proven, original AI algorithms. Our curation process, including closed loop validation, ensures high quality, providing algorithm creators with a means of commercialization not previously available. We ensure that algorithms are easy to read, easy to use and easy to share. These include:

Ai-Rover® Notebook: Multivariate Low-Code Data Comprehension/Visualization Tool

Ai-Rover® Notebook For Time Series Data: No-Code Automated Predictive Model Builder


Zeblok enables you to seamlessly scale to high-performance computing (HPC). Access HPC resources via a Jupyter notebook.

One-click scalability for Ai workloads.

Mode Zoo

Algorithms created and tested on Zeblok’s Ai-MicroCloud® by independent Ai software vendors (ISVs), Ai startups and renowned academics are available in the Model Zoo for trial and commercialization purposes.

Command Line Interface within a Notebook

In the Jupyter notebook command mode, you can edit the notebook as a whole, but not type into individual cells. The keyboard is mapped to a set of shortcuts that let you perform notebook and cell actions efficiently. Enter command mode by pressing Esc or using the mouse to click outside a cell's editor area.

infrastructure Plan Selection

All Ai-WorkStation’s need underlying infrastructure resources such as vCPUs, RAM, storage, GPUs to compile code. Zeblok’s Ai-MicroCloud® Manager provides the interface to create different infrastructure plans within your environment as needed. Before a notebook is spawned, users select the appropriate plan.

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