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Ai-MicroCloud® Manager

Centralised Orchestration Manager

Ai-MicroCloud® is used to manage and orchestrate things all-together.

Ai-MicroCloud® Manager is the centralized management utility for Ai-MicroCloud® and is used to manage and orchestrate all dependent components for Ai-WorkStation, Ai-HPC-WorkStation, Ai-Data Lake, Ai-AppStore and Ai-API engine.

The Ai-MicroCloud® Manager enables the enterprise administrator to define role-based access control, infrastructure plans (vCPUs, GPUs, memory, storage), define Namespaces and add accessible data centers, and provides metering information for resource utilization for billing or charge back purposes.


View notebooks and analytics, including a graph of notebooks previously spawned and usage statistics, followed by all the notebooks available within the organization.


Displays a list of Ai-WorkStations available and enables creation of a new Ai-WorkStation.

Identify and Access Management

IAM enables secure management of resources and users’ access. Administrators create new roles, user groups, menu items and manage resources.


View a list of existing organizations, define new organizations and assign administrators to those organizations.


Displays existing list of configurations of hardware and infrastructure resources such as vCPUs, RAM, storage, and GPUs that are available to spawn a specific Ai WorkStation and enables creation of new configurations (plans).


Displays existing virtual clusters (namespaces) and enables allocation of resources to create new namespaces.


Displays list of plans and subscribers, with subscription details and enables adding new payment methods.

Data Center

Displays list of data centers available for assignment of Namespaces, plans, subscribers and Ai-WorkStations and enables adding new data centers.

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